All about Chenin on Drink Chenin Day!

All about Chenin on Drink Chenin Day!

Where does Chenin Blanc come from?

The home of Chenin Blanc (shenin blonk) is in the Loire Valley, France.

Chenin Blanc is named after a beautiful town in the Loire called ‘Mount Chenin’, close to where the first records of this wine were discovered in the 1500s.

In actual fact, this wine is believed to have been produced hundreds of years before then!

When was Chenin Blanc first brought to Australia?

Chenin Blanc was first brought to the ‘New World’ wine industry by way of South Africa in the 1600s.

From there, it eventually made its way to the Swan Valley in Western Australia in the early 1900s.

The Swan Valley is now known to produce some of the most exceptional Chenin Blanc in the country and this is where we source the fruit for our very own Millbrook Regional Chenin Blanc!

You can also find Chenin plantings in Margaret River, Barossa, McLaren Vale and Tasmania.

Chenin Blanc characteristics

Chenin is a versatile and adaptable vine, which means it can grow well in hot and cold climates. Wines will therefore differ in aromas and flavours depending on the climate it is grown in.

Cool climate Chenin can exhibit a chalky acidity, with green apple, grapefruit and passionfruit.

Warmer climate Chenin will have a richer mouthfeel, with tropical fruits, red apple, melon and pineapple.

Fun facts about Chenin from around the world

1. Chenin is commonly used to make sparkling wine in the Loire. Known as Crémant de Loire this is a lovely, vibrant style of sparkling wine.

Top tip: Great examples of Crémant can be found for a fraction of the price of Champagne!

2. This varietal is known as ‘Steen’ in South Africa where there is actually twice as much Chenin planted than in France! A lot of this wine is used to produce bulk, low-quality white, however some winemakers are producing incredible, single varietal expressions of Chenin Blanc.

3. To make matters confusing there are two other common names for Chenin Blanc in France. The first is an off-dry style called Vouvray (voov-ray) and the second is Anjou (on-jooh), a dry style with quince and apple characters.

Millbrook Regional Chenin Blanc

This is a crisp, textural Chenin bursting with floral citrus blossom and pink lady apples. A crunchy mouthfeel is enhanced by vibrant natural acidity and delicious flavours of lime peel, grapefruit and lemon sherbet.

This is a real food wine, especially with anything seafood or citrus.

Make sure to book a table for lunch at Millbrook Restaurant, led by award-winning Head Chef Guy Jeffreys to see what the latest exciting food pairing is! Jeffreys creates an ever-changing, seasonal menu highlighting fresh produce sourced from the Millbrook Estate garden.

To celebrate Drink Chenin Day we are offering $25 off your order if you purchase six or more bottles from across the Regional Range. Use the code REGIONAL25 at checkout to redeem your discount.

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