Millbrook 2022 Regional GSM: Australia's Best Value Wine

Millbrook 2022 Regional GSM: Australia's Best Value Wine

We are ecstatic to announce that the Millbrook 2022 Regional Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre has been awarded The Dan Murphy’s Value Perennial Trophy for Best Value Wine at the Sydney Royal Wine Show 2023. Established in 1826, the Sydney Royal Wine Show, attracted 2,500 entries from 350 exhibitors in 2023 across Australia, marking a phenomenal achievement for Millbrook Winery.

“Australian wine connoisseurs are winners here. The 2023 Sydney Royal Wine Show has demonstrated that not only are Australian producers delivering incredible wines, but they are doing so at reasonable price points for consumers,” Sydney Royal Chair of Judges, Sarah Crowe said.

Speaking on this incredible result Millbrook Winemaker Emma Gillespie said: "The 2022 Millbrook GSM is all I could hope for with this wine – approachability, affordability and a joyous drinking experience."

Grenache Blends

The 2022 Regional GSM is a blend of Grenache (57%), Shiraz (38%) and Mourvèdre (5%).  

“Equally the rise of newer varieties to Australia such as Tempranillo, Grenache and particularly Grenache dominate blends, which were very impressive this year," says Sarah Crowe. 

Millbrook Winemaker Emma Gillespie celebrated the win with a glass of the 2022 GSM and said: "There are certainly limited offerings of Grenache and GSM blends coming from Western Australia, and I feel lucky to be able to create one within the Millbrook portfolio. It's so fun to make a Grenache based blend, with all of the bright poppy fruits, subtle structure and drinkability."

2022 Regional GSM

The 2022 Regional GSM is sourced from Ferguson Valley, in the Geographe region in the South West of Western Australia. This exciting, up and coming wine region has warm days and cool nights, with lots of interesting slope and elevations in the area, marking the perfect growing conditions for Grenache. 

Grenache is not a widely planted variety in Western Australia, with majority of Grenache (and GSM) producers hailing from South Australia and Victoria.

The Millbrook Regional range champions wine regions across Western Australia, with Emma saying, "WA is certainly not mentioned in a lot of write ups when talking about Grenache and Grenache blends, and definitely not Geographe, more specifically. But it definitely should be! Geographe offers such a great diversity of microclimates and varieties, and is worthy of being a destination wine region, not just to pass through on the way down south."

This makes a Western Australian-made GSM wine Trophy win on a national podium even more special! A big congratulations to Millbrook Winemaker Emma Gillespie and the entire team at Millbrook. Shop the Millbrook GSM here.


geographe wine region
Image thanks to Geographe Wine Region Association.

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