Autumn At Millbrook

Autumn At Millbrook
Autumn is well and truly in full swing in the Perth Hills, with cool mornings leading to warm, sunny days and cold nighttime temperatures. In the vineyard the leaves are turning golden and over the next few months the vines will start to lose their leaves as they enter dormancy over winter.
Our garden is flourishing, and we are currently harvesting plump eggplants, crunchy snake beans and the last of the season's zucchini and paprikas. 
We were very excited to harvest our first ever handful of pecans last week too. Head Chef Justin Wong is currently coming up with something new for the menu featuring this delicious nut.
Gardener Mitch Seward has recently sowed cabbages ahead of the winter season and next month will see baby corn, haricot beans, beetroot, kohlrabi and daikon featured on our new menu.

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