Behind the Scenes with Senior Winemaker Adair Davies

Behind the Scenes with Senior Winemaker Adair Davies

Millbrook Winery has come a long way since first opening our doors in 2001, blossoming into an internationally recognised winery and restaurant. None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our team, each with a passion to bring out the very best of what Millbrook has to offer. 

From the kitchen, to the winery, to the abundant vegetable garden, we have rounded up some of our integral team members to find out a bit more about behind the scenes at Millbrook Winery.

What is your role at Millbrook? Who are you?

My name is Adair Davies and I am the current Senior Winemaker at Millbrook Winery.

Tell us about a typical day in the life as the Senior Winemaker at Millbrook?

From the end of January through to April our days are very busy with all the grapes coming in. We start in the Swan Valley with some Chenin and receive fruit all the way down to the Great Southern. My morning starts anywhere from 3am to 8am, then it’s all go with lots of stairs until 4pm – 9pm. 6 – 7 days a week.

First it is coffee!! Then check the fruit that has arrived, check the ferments, plunge / pump over the red ferments, crush and or press any fruit that has arrived. More coffee!! Rack juice, make up yeast babies to inoculate the ferments, more stairs… lab analysis, clean up and then beer o’clock.

Outside of vintage our days are much less hectic. We look after the wines in barrel and tank, then get them ready for bottling then send them on their way to be enjoyed with a delicious cheese board or evening dinner.

What makes Millbrook a special place to work at?

The people, Millbrook is a family. All the departments help each other out when needed and care for one another.

Can you recall a special memory or milestone during your time at Millbrook?

The success in the national wine show system in 2018 with our 2017 Single Vineyard Chardonnay. 2017 was a great year at the winery, lots of fun, lots of bee stings and sore backs but totally worth it.

As a winemaker, you spend many hours at the winery. Is there any part of your day that stands out?

The Millbrook team lunch with the daily quiz. This is extra-special when the restaurant is shut and we set up a table on the lawn, taking full advantage of any sunshine!

The Millbrook restaurant produces some of the finest food in our state. What is your ultimate wine & food pairing?

Estate Viognier with a creamy pork and fennel dish.

Millbrook Winery is celebrating 20 years since its doors first opened. Where do you see Millbrook in another 20 years?

Continuing to producing quality wines with the restaurant and cellar door just as successful, or more so, than they currently are.  I want people from all over the country and abroad to know the Millbrook name and ethos.