Exciting New Regional Releases: Chenin Blanc and GSM

Exciting New Regional Releases: Chenin Blanc and GSM

Your favourite Millbrook wines are back in stock – but not for long!

We are very excited to announce the release of the 2022 Regional Chenin Blanc and the 2022 Regional Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre (GSM).

Each vintage Millbrook Winemaker Emma Gillespie sources small parcels of high-quality fruit from around Western Australia. Her ethos behind the Regional Range lends to small batch, hands-off winemaking, which means that these wines are produced in extremely limited quantities and consistently sell out year after year.

Describing her passion for the Millbrook Regional Range, Winemaker Emma Gillespie said, "To offer something different and interesting that people may not have tried before is a great opportunity. I wanted to create wines yielding maximum expression of the varietal character by taking a more minimalist winemaking approach."

The Regional Range wines are a pure reflection of Western Australian terroir, with fruit sourced from some of the best grape growing regions around the state. The 2022 Chenin Blanc is sourced from the Swan Valley and the 2022 GSM blend from Geographe. 

Read on to discover what makes these wines so unique!

2022 Regional Chenin Blanc

Our 2022 Chenin Blanc is sourced from the Swan Valley – also known as the capital of Chenin Blanc in Australia, with the first vines being planted over 100 years ago. On its suitability to this historical region, Emma said: "Chenin Blanc has a great natural acidity that holds up well to the warm Swan climate, whilst still developing a great flavour profile."

Emma's winemaking philosophy? "Don't make it like Chardonnay  let the fruit express itself in majority stainless steel tank fermentation, with a hint of barrel ferment to layer in the texture."

This is a serious, complex expression of this lesser-known variety, bursting with apples, melon and a zesty natural acidity. 

As with all of the Millbrook wines, this is a real food wine – think fresh WA seafood like snapper ceviche, prawns and calamari. Emma also recommends to drink this wine because of "its freshness and the point of difference to Chardonnay. I drink Chardonnay regularly, so a Chenin wedge is a great addition to the menu."

2022 Regional GSM

Fruit for the 2022 GSM blend hails from Geographe, about a two-hour drive south of Perth CBD. This region produces bold-fruited red wines with silky tannins and a moreish, savoury spice. 

Describing the components of this blend, Emma said: "Grenache is the sparkle - lively, fresh and bright. Shiraz is the plushness - fruit weight and darkness. Grenache and Shiraz are definitely the main stars with Mourvèdre as the supporting act and base line, giving tannin, and length."

On why she loves this wine, Emma said: "It's a great 'anytime' blend. Chilled down for summer luncheon or matched with pizza on a cool winter night. 

"The Millbrook GSM comes from such a vibrant, generous fruit source, which should be celebrated. My job is to not mess with it too much in the winery and deliver a pure reflection of this. It's such a delicious, drinkable blend."

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