gardening australia visits millbrook

gardening australia visits millbrook

Millbrook Winery Head Chef and Gardener Guy Jeffreys features in the March 2019 edition of Gardening Australia magazine, thanks to his dedication to the "stalk to fork" philosophy he employs in the Millbrook kitchen. 

As Guy explains in the article, the Millbrook kitchen hasn't bought fruit or vegetables since 2017 (except to make stock), instead sourcing as much seasonal produce as possible from the heirloom vegetable garden, orchard and olive trees on the estate, tended by Guy's expert hand. The whole kitchen team now help out in the garden following lunch service on a Thursday which, as Guy says, means that every chef is dedicated to utilising as much of each plant as possible in the kitchen and minimising waste. 

It is this philosophy that helps to make the Millbrook menu so creative and so in tune with the bounty of produce available each season. 

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