millbrook features in the new york times

millbrook features in the new york times

2019 has truly started with a bang for Millbrook Winery!

This morning, The New York Times featured Millbrook's restaurant as the NYT Critic's Pick, describing it as a "Locavore (a person who only eats locally sourced food) Wonderland".

NYT critic Besha Rodell visited the restaurant anonymously three times before writing her review and was particularly impressed by Millbrook's incredibly popular No Waste Monday menu, suggesting it "has to be one of the best fine-dining deals in the world" 

"That you can eat a meal at Millbrook, one that expresses the specific terroir of this lovely pocket of Western Australia, for as little as $50, is somewhat of a miracle. It could not happen at a regular restaurant. It could not happen without a chef and cooks willing to work double-duty, in the kitchen and in the field. It could not happen on land that wouldn’t support such a huge variety of fruits and vegetables.

In other words, it could only happen here."

The full article is available to view here

Beautiful photography courtesy of Harriet Harcourt.

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