No Waste Mondays in the Millbrook restaurant

No Waste Mondays in the Millbrook restaurant

Be part of a weekly dining experience where Millbrook guests have the opportunity to savour an abundance of shared seasonal dishes – and maybe even an experiment or two from the kitchen!

One of the challenges in every commercial kitchen is the balance between providing guests with a full menu throughout the week while keeping food waste to an absolute minimum. The Millbrook solution…throw the menu away and get creative!

Every Monday, guests enjoy at least three courses of shared food utilising fresh produce from the Millbrook garden left at the end of the busy weekend service. Not only is it excellent value at just $50 per person, the No Waste Mondays menu also showcases the creative abilities of Millbrook's expert chefs, who are often working with an eclectic list of ingredients. It’s quickly becoming the preferred day to be in the restaurant!

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  • I love the winery. It’s Spring time and the no waste Monday had lovely veggies from the garden. $50 a head is hard to ignore. It it took us an hour to get here but it was worth it 😊. 4x courses to share. Congrats. Thanks chefs, winery staff and restaurant staff on the 2024 Gourmet Travel award for “best restaurant in WA”. .

    Jenny Calogero

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